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TMC Tier None LT R500 Plastic Mask - OD


  • Star Wars Boba Fett/mandalorian inspired design.
  • Easy installation.
  • OD (Olive Drab) finish
  • Impact resistant plastics.

  • Modern railed TMC combat helmets with NVG mounts.

    The TMC Tier None LT R5000 plastic mask is a Star Wars inspired style face protection mask. The mask is most notably designed after the style and motifs of the famed mandalorians in the Star Wars universe.

    The mask works with most all standard modern combat helmets that have side rails and an NVG mount. The construction is of a high impact plastic so it is skirmishable.

    Installation is simple as the instructions are very straight forward and all the parts are included. However, do consult a technician if need be when installing this mask.

  • x1 TMC Tier None LT R500 Plastic Mask - OD
  • x3 NVG mount covers.
  • x3 Lock and loop pads.
  • x1 Lock and loop mounting pack
  • x1 Screw pack.
  • x2 Side facial vents covers.
  • x1 Front vent cover.
  • x2 Visors.


(I.V.A incluido)


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