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T.N.T.system CAMARA HOP-UP KAR98 S&T/Snow Wolf


Metal upgrade Hop-Up chamber for Kar98k airsoft rifles. Fit on S&T and Snow Wolf Kar98k. It is manufactured by T-N.T. Studio Taiwan. The chamber provides an excellent alternative to the original plastic chamber. It offers a better seal, a higher-quality Hop-Up bucking with an TR-Hop and a U-shaped pressure knob.

The chamber is made of aluminum alloy on CNC machines. It is delivered in a non-traditional package - a paper tube - see the pictures in our gallery.

Hop-Up rubber is included in the package. It is similar to the VSR type, but has a narrower inlet for better sealing. The big difference is the shaped protrusion inside, which fits better and in a larger area on the airsoft BB. This is also supported by the metal shaped pressure. The contact surface of the rubber protrusion on the ball is thus larger and the rotation of the ball is more stable.

The chamber can be used both on the original barrel and a higher quality barrel with a cutout of the VSR system. The optimal length is 470 mm.

In the package you will find:

  • Hop-up chamber
  • Hop-Up rubber
  • Shaped Hop-Up rubber pressure
  • Two barrel securing screws

T-N.T. Studio

is a taiwan based company established in 2004. In the beginning T-N.T. focused on custom modification of clients spring sniper rifles, AEGs, GBBs etc. After gaining many experience and answering to the need of the market, T-N.T. gradually transformed into the field of developing, designing, manufacturing upgrade parts for the most branded airsoft BB guns – such as unique Hop-Up bucking, inner barrels and CNC upgrade kits. All T-N.T. Studio's products are cutting edge, patented products designed with extreme precision.


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