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SHOOTER AR FABARM STF/12-11 COMPACT spring 3 shots 0,8j

Play Airsoft / Play AR

New technology, new concept :

Play Airsoft, play AR with the brand new FABARM STF12 SHOOTER AR Shotgun !

Much more affordable than VR, more challenging than cardboard targets, train with ShooterAR for speed, accuracy and a lot of fun. Display as many targets as you want, transform each of them into a live 3D and interactive character that will challenge you and eventually hit you bad. Are you ready to face a SWAT team? To neutralize a terrorist group? To hunt zombies? Make your own shooting experience, make it challenging like tactical training or like a video game, your call. Share and invite your friends to your game. No limits, anywhere.

The FABARM STF12 airsoft shotgun now includes an augmented reality ready phone mount and a Bluetooth electronic shotgun shell that is compatible with the Shooter-AR augmented reality app. Just pop the included Bluetooth shell into where you'd normally load a standard Airsoft shotgun shell and you can pair your shotgun to your Shooter-AR app.


89,95  (te ahorras 10,00€)

(precio I.V.A. incluido )


DESDE 150€